I am a practising Artist and Coach based in Shropshire. I became an accredited Relational Dynamic Coach in 2018. I am a member of the Climate Coaching Alliance.

Before becoming a fulltime Artist & Coach I work for a Women’s Business Organisation Managing Networks, Organising Conferences and Training events.

Creating a safe space and intense listening are very important to me as a Coach. I will facilitate you to think deeply, provide your own answers and make your own decisions. Coaching enables you to think more deeply, unearthing hidden knowledge and gaining clarity. I can help you create the art/life balance you need, connect with your practise, fulfill creative ambitions or find space to follow your dream. Is there something that you have been trying to change for years? Explore the creative cycle and how you can improve your flow. As your Coach, I can be alongside you on your journey.

Coaching works beautifully alongside the development and thinking around your practice. Consider including coaching in a bid for funding.

Wondering if coaching is for you? Get in touch, you can find out more and I can answer any questions you may have. This initial conversation is free and takes about 20 minutes.


A Coaching session lasts 1 hour. I offer One off sessions or a series of 3/5 sessions or more.

Coaching sessions can be via phone or video (Whereby/WhatsApp).

Prices are scaled depending on your circumstances. Or pay what you can, money should not be a barrier to access coaching. Get in touch for a free initial conversation to find out more.

“Coaching has helped me to live my future in the present; so instead of keeping things in my head or writing
things down and sometimes repeatedly not achieving, by speaking out into this beautiful universe I feel I
get to co-create with the universe from coaching. With Julie just there as I guide my ship, Julie asking me
the questions that matter to move me forward, out of fantasy and fear and into reality. And I get to
confidently call myself an artist, designer and Creative Doulah!”

Jo Thomas, Artist, Design, Creative Doulah

“Julie is very perceptive and good at identifying barriers to moving on..”


“Julie’s coaching sessions were open and non-judgmental, and a useful tool for learning how to listen to
myself in order to progress my plans.”

Jancis Vaughan, Artist Director

“Julie provided a space of trust and calm where I was able to challenge repetitive negative thoughts and embrace my true potential.”

Jill Impey, Film, Photography, Installation Artist

“Through careful listening Julie has helped me to frame a positive direction forward for my working practise as an artist.”

Liz Turner, Sculpture Artist

Get in touch to see if this is right for you.